Permission problems with Kivy/Android

Kivy is not very helpful in helping you track down permission problems.  If everything else seems working fine, make sure that you have the right Android permissions to access the relevant Android services/hardware.  This is the log file for not having the CAMERA permission:

I/python  (11009):    File “[]/android_zbar_qrcode_master/.buildozer/android/app/”, line 170, in start
I/python  (11009):    File “jnius_export_class.pxi”, line 830, in jnius.jnius.JavaMultipleMethod.__call__ (jnius/jnius.c:21088)
I/python  (11009):    File “jnius_export_class.pxi”, line 561, in jnius.jnius.JavaMethod.__call__ (jnius/jnius.c:17854)
I/python  (11009):    File “jnius_export_class.pxi”, line 727, in jnius.jnius.JavaMethod.call_staticmethod (jnius/jnius.c:19696)
I/python  (11009):    File “jnius_utils.pxi”, line 43, in jnius.jnius.check_exception (jnius/jnius.c:3233)
I/python  (11009):  JavaException: JVM exception occured

Which I experienced when, last week, I added the INTERNET permission to the spec file, but mistyped a . for a ,

I forgot about it and came back to it today and nothing worked – despite me not being able to see any substantive difference between my current py file and the known good one.

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