Deploying Web2py apps to Google App Engine (GAE)

Last time I tried to deploy a web2py app to GAE was (apparently) years ago now.  I remember it being pretty easy at the time, so I figured I could get it up and running pretty quickly yesterday.  Not so 😦

There are a couple of tricks to it.

The process is (install the app engine sdk and copy of web2py):

1. create your application on your app engine developer Application Overview page

2. create an application skeleton using the web2py dashboard.

3. cp  examples/ ./app.yaml

Ie make a copy in the root directory of your web2py directory tree.  This is main trick #1.

4. Edit app.yaml to refer to the id that you got from creating the app on app engine (ie not the local web2py)

5. cp handlers/ .
So, copy the gaehandler to the root directory of web2py. This is main trick #2.

Then you should be ready to roll*

* use <path>/ web2py to test,

use <path>/ update  web2py to deploy

The app will be available from <the Google app id you registered><the local web2py name of your application>/


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